Punch sets are ideal for punching neat holes in a variety of materials. Whether in textiles, woodworking or metalworking, a set of punch tools allows the operator to drive objects into the material, or form an impression on a workpiece. Sharp at one end, and hardened and flat at the other, a punch can be used with a hammer to achieve the desired results.

The RS range of punch sets includes several different types to suit your needs, from our own brand RS PRO and also well-known brands such as Bahco, Stanley, Gedore and Facom to name a few:

  • Centre Punch- A common type of punch with a semi blunted end. This is typically used to mark a centre for drilling in a piece. By creating a small recess for the drill bit to rest in, the drill is assured a greater chance of staying on course.
  • Drift Punch - Sometimes referred to as a pokey, this punching tool is often used for enlarging previously made holes. It can also be used for aligning holes prior to bolting.
  • Parallel Pin Punch - A parallel pin punch is often employed to remove pins from mechanical assemblies. When a pin is too tight to remove by hand, the correctly sized parallel pin punch can be employed to drive it loose.
  • Spring Pin Punch - Spring pin punches are used for removing roll pins, a type of mechanical fastener. For this reason, spring pin punches are also called roll pin punches and are specially shaped to remove roll pins without causing damage or becoming jammed.
  • Wad Punch - Have interchangeable heads and are used to cut accurate circles into textile materials. They can even be used on thin metal to make washers.
  • Anti-Vibration - With a shock-absorbing rubber handle, this punch not only offers the user maximum safety and comfort but also prevents clipping.

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Description Prix Overall Length Shank Diameter Number of Pieces Point Angle Punch Type
N° de stock RS 494-076
Référence fabricant4-18-299
29,07 €
- 1.5 → 6 mm 12 - Pin
N° de stock RS 125-2165
Référence fabricant0-69-014
5,24 €
- 3.2 mm 1 - Pin
N° de stock RS 264-2426
Référence fabricant47A
52,22 €
1 Set
- 1/4 → 1/8 in 7 - Pin
N° de stock RS 265-5113
Référence fabricant0-58-930
16,10 €
1 Set
- 0.8 → 2.4 mm 3 - Pin
N° de stock RS 494-086
Référence fabricant4-18-226
28,20 €
- 1.5 → 3 mm 6 - Pin