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    Measuring & Marking

    A major part of any project is the importance of getting the measurements correct then marking them effectively. A few extra minutes to invested in the measurement stage can then save hours of frustration and workarounds further down the timeline of the project

    Having quality accurate tools and instruments that you can depend on is essential to any professional for checking their work. Some of the most important measuring and marking tools are:

    • Tape Measures - Measure the length, width and height of objects in centimetres and inches.
    • Combination Squares - a versatile adjustable measuring tool that quickly and accurately measures objects for precise work. a combination square is an essential tool for your toolbox. Can be used to find angles, measure lengths, provide straight edges and right angles.
    • Engineers Squares - Also known as a Machinist, great for assessing angles, marking straight lines and measuring lengths.
    • Spirit Levels - Spirit levels use small air bubbles to keep objects accurately vertically and horizontally
    • Laser Levels - Uses a laser line to visibly see the line on the surface. A self-levelling laser level can be set up on a surface and can determine the level on its own.
    • Chalk Line - Stretched over various lengths and then plucked to leave a chalk line on a surface.
    • Scribers - Used to mark or scribe on various materials. The durable pointed tips allow you to produce a shallow scratch that won't be easily rubbed out, making them ideal for producing a faint line when measuring or marking materials with precision.

    At RS we have a great selection of squares, levels, tape measures, chalk lines, laser levels and more from our own brand RS PRO and well-known brands such as Dewalt, Bosch, Fluke and Stanley.