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    Crank Handles

    A crank handle is a rotatable metal or plastic handle that is attached to a shaft. Crank handles allow you to effortlessly turn the axle of a machine by converting rotational motion into reciprocating motion. Crank handles can be straight or off-set and are suitable for winding and adjusting applications. Manufactured from tough materials they provide fast one-handed torque values during operation.

    How are they fitted?

    Crank handles typically have a round socket hole or square socket hole in the underside of the mechanism. Crank handles can have plain bores or threaded bores. The shaft is inserted or threaded into the appropriately shaped hole and is fixed and secured by fasteners and fittings.

    Grip Types

    Crank handles can have a revolving or fixed grip. Revolving grips enable the user to rotate the handle achieving the ideal position for maximum force. 

    Handle Types

    Crank handle grips can be fixed or folding. Crank handles with a fold-away grip are useful in applications where space is a concern. Folding crank handles can easily be folded away when the crank handle is not in use.

    What are Crank Handles made from?

    Crank handles can be manufactured from tough re-enforced plastics and thermoplastics like nylon or polyamide or metals such as steel, stainless steel aluminium or cast iron. 


    Crank handles are used in a wide range of applications. They are ideal for making quick adjustments in machinery where heavy torque and clamping is required. RS offers a range of crank handles in different diameters and sizes to suit your every need.

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