Buffer Solutions

Buffer solutions are also known as pH buffers are resistant to any pH changes from a strong base or acid presence. Buffer solutions allow for the pH to stay at a constant level due an equilibrium balance. These are used in several applications, such as blood in the human body as a buffer solution.

What are the types of Buffer Solutions?

Acid Buffer Solution - this is used when the pH is less than seven and generally comprises a weak acid.Alkaline Buffer Solution - this is used when the pH is over seven and comprises a weak base (Alkaline).Buffer solutions offer a balanced pH but that doesn’t mean the buffer solutions have a neutral pH. They can balance the solution from external influences that can change the pH levels.

What are the applications for Buffer Solutions?

Buffer solutions have several uses, with many chemical reactions needing a constant pH. Several applications include:Chemical AnalysisCalibrating EquipmentFermentationPersonal Hygiene products

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