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    Depth Gauges

    Achieving an accurate reading of a component depth can be somewhat frustrating without the right tool. Using a ruler and eyeballing the depth is a technique from the past, depth gauges are the right way to go. These gauges are simplistic in their design and easy use. So, if you are looking for a depth gauge, we undoubtedly will have the ideal solution to meet your needs.

    Types of depth gauges

    Depth gauges have measurement scales in inch or metric (millimetre) values. Some models offer dual options showing both imperial and metric measurements. Gauges can be analog, digital or Vernier type gauges.

    Analog depth gauges or dial depth gauges have a dial and a needle indicator that shows the depth measurement on the face of the dial.

    Digital depth gauges use a digital display that shows the depth measurement in a numerical format. Digital depth gauges require an additional power source to work. Normally battery powered by a coin cell battery such as an SR44 or similar.

    Vernier depth gauges use the Vernier scale. These type of depth gauges allow the user to obtain additional precision measurement readings using this principle.

    How do they work?

    Depth gauges are effectively made up of two components, a measuring ruler and a slide head that has a flat base. To operate simply place the depth gauge inside the hole or slot to be measured then move the ruler and the slide down until you reach the mating surfaces. Ensure the slide is perpendicular to the base for a true reading.


    Anyone doing construction or remodelling work and in need of accurate measurements of the depth of a slot, hole or recess will find a mechanical depth measurement tool handy. You can also use them to measure and locate centre distances.

    Why would you choose RS for depth gauges?

    We support engineers with the best in class linear measurement devices. Our range of depth gauges is of the highest quality, available in analogue and digital variants, sourced from leading brands such as; Mitutoyo, Starrett, and RS PRO. We also offer an in-house calibration service. For more details see here calibration services

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