Electric Powered Multi tools combine a selection of the most useful and versatile power tool types into one compact set or multi-tool. They usually feature a single handheld tool with a comfortable ergonomic grip, accessorised with many types of attachable heads, bits, disks, and many other cutting, sanding, polishing, buffing and deburring add-ons. With the easily interchangeable accessories, they allow to drill, sand, cut, grind and scrape in various materials including wood, metal, drywall, grout and plastics. Versatile, multi-tools allow precision and efficient applications.

What types of Multitools are available?

  • Engraving Tools - Engraving tools perform delicate cutting tasks to produce an image in different materials. You can be done on metal, glass, stone or wood. The engraving tools include etching pencils and pens, sandblasting pens, engraving machines and diamond wheel points.

  • Multicutters - multi cutters or oscillating multi-tools are one of the handiest tools available on the market. It’s versatility allows you to accomplish many tasks that would be impossible with other tools. They are ideal to sand, saw metal, wood, and drywall or make large holes, plunge cut into hardwood or undercut a doorway. With multi cutters, the user can also remove grout, cut trim for new flooring, and cut off nails and screws flush.

  • Rotary Tools - They are highly versatile, as they can be used with various different attachments and accessories. Rotary tools attachments can allow for sawing and sanding, cutting and grinding, and even polishing. Most models feature variable speed to allow you complete control depending on the task and material you are working on, and you can choose between cordless for ultimate flexibility or corded for when you need continuous power.

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Description Prix Multitool Type Type Corded/Cordless Plug Type Length Model Number Speed Voltage Rating Wattage
N° de stock RS 814-0474
Référence fabricantDWE315KT-QS
311,02 €
Multi Cutter - Corded - - DWE315KT 300W 22000rpm 230V -
N° de stock RS 814-0496
Référence fabricantDCS355M2
566,71 €
Multi Cutter - Cordless - - DCS355M2 18V XR Li-Ion 20000rpm 18V -
N° de stock RS 124-8934
Référence fabricantDCS355N-XJ
240,10 €
Multi Cutter - Cordless - - DCS355N 18V XR Li-Ion 20000rpm 18V 300W
N° de stock RS 195-4789
Référence fabricantDCS356P2
446,00 €
Multi Cutter - Cordless - - DCS356P2 18V XR Li-Ion 20000rpm 18V -