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    Tool Trays

    Having appropriate, organised storage for your tools is just as important as making sure you buy the right tools in the first place: after all, there's no point buying brand new tools if you aren't going to look after them. The proper organisation of your tools will make it easier to keep track of every piece in your collection, monitor and maintain their condition and will also help you to grow your collection in a smart way, making sure you don't buy more than you need or duplicate tools you already have.

    Tool trays are designed to keep all components for a particular job together in one place. Whether you decide to keep certain tools for a particular type job together and in easy-reach, keep a particular tool set or kit together in one place, or you want to keep all of your tools separated by type and function, tool trays are an ideal way of organising your collection like a professional technician.

    The trays can be used within a storage cabinet or cupboard to promote a tidy workplace or they can be layered within a tool box or tool chest, keeping your spanners, wrenches and screwdrivers neatly organised. Tool trays are also ideal for small tools and accessories that may get easily lost or displaced during transit. These can include nails, bolts, nuts, sockets and bits - such as those for drills, ratchets, screwdrivers, etc.

    If you are going to use your tool trays to organise your tools within an in-vehicle storage system or even just frequently accessed drawers, we recommend using trays with built-in non-slip features or investing in non-slip mats that can be placed under the trays to keep them stable.

    Our range of tool trays come in a variety of sizes and include products from brands such as Stanley and RS PRO.

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