Lid & Door Stays

Lid and door stays are pieces of door hardware that allow you to prop a lid or door open at a certain angle, for example at 90 degrees from the closed position. They are usually made of metal and can vary in the method they use to keep the door open.

How do lid and door stays work?

Typically, lid and door stays are made up of two pieces of metal, connected by a hinge in the middle. The non-hinged ends are attached to two different surfaces, one that moves and one that remains stationary. When the arm is fully extended, the door is propped open. Other mechanisms may use a slider or a friction brake, or an arm with a series of notches to allow for several different stay positions.

Types of lid and door stays

Lid and door stays mainly vary in the mechanism that they use to support the door in opening and closing. They can also vary in size and have adjustable stopping positions.

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