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    Door Stops

    Door stops are also known as a door stoppers or door wedges. Door stops are used to hold doors open or to prevent damage to doors and walls. Using a door stop can prevent wear or damage to plaster on the walls, saving the need for repairs.

    Door stops are usually made from aluminium, PVC, rubber, chrome, brass or stainless steel. They can also be plated using a metal finish, such as chrome-plated. Different door stops are used in rooms throughout homes and across industries such as medical and automotive industries, warehouses and distribution centres where there is a high volume traffic going through doors.

    Types of door stop

    Doorstops can be attached to either the wall or skirting board behind the door, or to the floor where you wish the door to stop. They are attached using fixings such as screws. Door stops that are attached to the wall are usually a few inches above the ground. The rubber dome or cylinder type door stops are sometimes known as a wall bumper.

    • Spring door stops are primary made from a metal spring with a rubber stopper on the end. The spring absorbs some of the force of the door as it hits the door stop.
    • Floor mounted door stops are installed onto the floor and are more discrete. They enable you to stop a door from opening into an area or into another object. Floor door stops can be used where there is not a wall or skirting board to attach to.
    • Kick down door stops are used as door holders. They attach to the door itself and can be kicked down into position to hold the door in place.
    • Wall Bumpers protect walls and skirting board from coming into contact with the opening door. They are usually made from a rubber or plastic so as not to damage the door.
    • Projection door stops attach to the wall and are usually a metal rod with a rubber tip. They prevent the door from coming into contact with the wall.
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