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    Door Stays

    Door stays are devices or mechanisms used to hold a door in a specific position, preventing it from swinging open or closing freely. They are designed to provide stability and control the movement of the door, keeping it secure in various positions. Door stays are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for different purposes.

    What are the benefits of door stays?

    Door stays offer several benefits in different applications. Here are some advantages of using door stays:

     Stability and Control: Door stays provide stability and control over the movement of doors.

    • Convenience: Door stays can enhance convenience by holding doors open in desired positions.
    • Safety and Security: Door stays play a role in ensuring safety and security. Door closers, for example, ensure that doors close properly and securely, preventing unauthorized access and maintaining the integrity of secure areas.
    • Energy Efficiency: Door stays can contribute to energy efficiency by allowing doors to be partially opened and held in position.
    • Accessibility: Door stays can improve accessibility in buildings. Automatic door holders or closers can assist individuals with mobility challenges by automatically opening and closing doors, allowing for easier passage.
    • Longer Door Lifespan: By controlling the speed and movement of doors, door stays can reduce wear and tear on hinges, frames, and other door components.

    What types of door stays are there?

    Door Stops: Door stops are simple devices used to hold a door open or prevent it from opening too far.

    Door Closers: Door closers are hydraulic or pneumatic devices installed on doors to control their closing speed and ensure they close smoothly and securely.

    Door Holders: Door holders are mechanical or magnetic devices used to keep a door open. They can be manually operated or automatically triggered by a sensor or an electromagnet.

    Spring Hinges: Spring hinges are hinges equipped with built-in springs that automatically close the door once it is opened.


    • Residential Doors
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Hotels and Hospitality:
    • Industrial Settings
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Fire Safety
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