Bullet Connectors

A bullet crimp connector is a small inline tube shape electrical connector. At the termination end, there is a hollow female section for the insertion of stranded or solid wire. At the connection end, there is a male bullet-shaped head. Bullet crimp connectors are also available as double female inline crimp terminals.

What do bullet connectors do?

Bullet connectors are solderless electrical connections used to connect stranded or solid wire. Bullet crimps are easy to use, they simply push in and snap together making a simple reliable connection.

How do I install bullet connectors?

Bullet connectors are effortless to install. The majority of bullet connectors are designed to be crimped onto a cable and then finished off by using heat to heat shrink the insulation to the crimp for a tight, insulated and protected connection.


These connectors are utilised in applications where a repetitive connect and disconnect solution is required. The most common industries are:

  • Automation

  • Audio speaker connection

  • Theatre

  • Recording studios


Bullet connectors are available in a wide variety of bullet diameters and wire sizes. Wire size is quoted in CSA (cross sectional area) or AWG (American wire gauge). Insulated crimps are often colour coded. The colour of the insulation is used to denote the wire size. The most common are:

  • Red 0.5 mm² to 1.5 mm²

  • Blue 1.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²

  • Yellow 2.5 mm² to 6 mm²

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Description Prix Series Insulation Insulation Material Gender Overall Length Minimum Wire Size mm² Maximum Wire Size mm² Minimum Wire Size AWG Maximum Wire Size AWG Bullet Diameter Colour Shrouded/Unshrouded Contact Plating Contact Material
N° de stock RS 136-0388
Référence fabricant2299511-1
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Each (In a Box of 500)
GroundGrip Insulated Thermoplastic - - 0.64mm² 2.59mm² 14AWG 10AWG 20.2mm Green - - -
N° de stock RS 136-0411
Référence fabricantCR2093-000
0,076 €
Each (In a Bag of 100)
GroundGrip Insulated Thermoplastic - - - - 14AWG 10AWG 20.2mm Green - - -
N° de stock RS 164-3278
Référence fabricant42865-3
369,95 €
1 Reel of 5000
- Uninsulated - Male 21.97mm 2mm² 6mm² 14AWG 10AWG 4.6mm - Unshrouded Tin Brass
N° de stock RS 213-5378
Référence fabricant190380001
0,201 €
Each (In a Bag of 1000)
19038 Insulated PVC Female 25.4mm - - 22AWG 18AWG 3.96mm Red - - -
N° de stock RS 178-8392
MarqueRS PRO
0,087 €
Each (In a Bag of 100)
- Insulated Nylon Male 22mm 1.5mm² 2.5mm² 16AWG 14AWG 5mm Blue - - Brass
N° de stock RS 213-5371
Référence fabricant190350009
0,256 €
Each (In a Bag of 1000)
19035 Insulated Nylon Male 22.55mm - - 16AWG 14AWG 4.32mm Blue - - -
N° de stock RS 680-5747
Référence fabricant165400-1
1,77 €
Each (In a Pack of 50)
165400 Insulated Copper Male 24.7mm 1mm² 2.6mm² 17AWG 13AWG 8.1mm Blue Unshrouded Tin Brass
N° de stock RS 166-7403
Référence fabricantCVDAGF2-5
0,155 €
Each (In a Box of 500)
CVDAGF Insulated Vinyl Female 25mm 1mm² 2.6mm² 16AWG 14AWG 4mm Blue - - -
N° de stock RS 136-0386
Référence fabricant2299505-1
0,054 €
Each (In a Box of 500)
WireGrip Insulated Thermoplastic - - 0.64mm² 2.59mm² 22AWG 10AWG 14mm Yellow - - -