Machine Guarding Accessories

Machine guarding accessories are all the component parts and extras that are used in the effective protection of equipment and personnel. Machine guarding provides the first line of defence when it comes to worker safety.

What are machine guarding accessories used for?

Machine guarding is an essential part of the functional operation of machinery, as it helps to protect personnel as well as preventing damage to equipment. This may mean a physical barrier, such as a cage guard, to protect workers from sparks or hazardous materials, or a safety system such as an electrical interlock to cut the power to a piece of equipment in the event of an emergency.

Types of machine guarding accessories

Machine guarding accessories cover a broad spectrum, as the types of equipment being protected can differ substantially. However, a few common categories of accessory include:

  • labelling accessories
  • guards, of various sizes and shapes
  • installation accessories, to assist with the setting up of the guards
  • locks and keys, for additional security

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