Omron Configurable 24 V dc Safety Relay

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6A Relays with Forcibly Guided Contacts - G7SA

The slimline G7SA relay family with forcibly guided contacts is available as a four- or six-pole type in various contact combinations and offers reinforced insulation. Terminals are arranged for easy PCB layout. It can be soldered directly to a PCB or used together with the P7SA sockets for panel installations.

Forcibly guided contacts
6A at 240VAC and 6A at 24VDC for resistive loads
Reinforced insulation between inputs and outputs and poles
4- and 6-pole relays available
Sealing: flux-tight
Operating temperature: -40 to 85C


Conforms to EN 50205



G7SA Compact Slim Safety Relays.

• Push-In Plus terminal sockets means reduced wiring.
• Wiring time reduced by 60%
• Relays with forcibly guided contacts. (EN/IEC 61810-3, certified VDE)
• Reduces hazardous machine status when as part of an interlocking circuit.
• Four-pole and Six-pole relays available.
• Simplified PWB pattern design.
• Reinforced insulation between inputs and outputs.
• Reinforced insulation between some poles of different polarity.
• Compact.
• Slim design.
• Conforms to EN standards.
• Simplifies PWB pattern design.
• Safety relays are used to build safety circuits for various equipment and facilities. The safety relays have a force guided mechanism that enables detecting contact welding.
• Excellent safety provider for use in, safety circuits in press machinery, machine tools and other production machinery.

There are 2 other series of G7 Safety Relays.

• G7S – E -. This is a relay with forcibly guided contacts and high switching capacity of 10 A.
• G7Z . This is a multi-pole power relay for contactor current range and capable of carrying and switching 40 A at 440 V ac.

G7SA-5A1B DC24 Safety Relay.

• PCB Terminals.
• Forcibly guided contacts.
• Flux-tight sealing.
• 6-poles.
• Contacts 5PST-NO (normally open), SPST-NC (normally closed).
• Coil rated voltage 24 V dc.
• Can be DIN rail mounted. (use an end plate when DIN rail mounting Stock number 8278419)

Suitable DIN Rails.

• DIN Rail PFP-100N, 1 m Stock number 8278403
• DIN Rail PFP-50N, 0.5 m Stock number 8278400

Suitable Spacer Plates for DIN Rail Mounting.

• PFP-S – Stock number 8278412

Features and Benefits.

• 6-poles
• Rated voltage 24 V dc
• Rated current 20.8 mA
• Coil resistance 1152 Ω
• Maximum voltage 110%
• Power consumption approx. 500mW
• Contact resistance 100 mΩ max.
• Vibration resistance 10 to 55 to 10 Hz
• Shock resistance destruction 1000 m/s²
• Shock resistance malfunction 100 m/s²
• 5PST-NO (normally open), SPST-NC (normally closed).
• Weight 25 g.

G7SA Safety Relay Applications.

• Plastic Injection Machines.
• Shrink wrap Machines.
• Horizontal Packaging Machines.
• Robotic Systems.
• Heat Tunnels.
• Safety Systems.
• Vertical Packaging machines.
• Conveyor Systems.

G7SA Safety Relay Suitable Markets.

• Automotive.
• Packaging.
• Semiconductor.
• Waste Water Treatments Plants.
• Security Detention Centres.
• Energy.


KS C IEC 61810-1, EN 50205, EN 61984, UL 508, CE Marking.

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