Multimeter Accessories

Multimeters are test instruments used to measure electrical current, voltage and resistance in electronic circuits. They're a diagnostic tool used by technicians in the electronics industry.

Choosing mulitmeter accessories based on your type of multimeter

There are two primary types of multimeters: digital multimetersand analogue multimeters. An analogue multimeter uses a needle to show the value, while a digital multimeter will show the results as numbers on an LCD screen. Depending on the type of multimeter, there are multimeter accessories for replacement or additional parts.

Types of multimeter accessories

Multimeter accessories are important in keeping your multimeter at its best. Multimeters themselves are necessary for any kind of electrical work as they can help determine if wires are hot or not. Multimeter accessories can include:

  • crocodile clips - for use with test leads from your multimeter
  • test and measurement kits - compact tools for checking voltage, continuity and current
  • adaptors - for adapting non-guarded measurements to your multimeter
  • test lead wraps - for neatly securing or storing test leads and cables

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Cable Set METRAmax2
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Power Adapter Metracal MC, Metrahit 27I, Metrahit 27M, Metrahit CAL, Metrahit ENERGY, Metrahit EXTRA, Metrahit ISO, Metrahit OUTDOOR, Metrahit T-COM, Metrahit X-TRA, SECULIFE HIT
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Cable Set Metrahit 28S, Metrahit 29S
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USB Adapter METRAHit 2xx Multimeter, METRAHit 30x Multimeter
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Interface Adapter METRAHIT E Series, METRAHIT S Series, Metrahit X-TRA