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    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

    A pneumatic solenoid valve is used to direct or stop the flow of compressed air in a pneumatic system. Sometimes called a directional control valve, they are used in automation and control applications to actuate tools, cylinders and larger industrial valves. RS offer an extensive selection of high-quality valves from leading brands including SMC, Festo, Parker, Norgren and of course RS PRO.

    How are they activated?

    Pneumatic solenoids can be energised in various ways including solenoid operated or air-pilot operated.

    Solenoid Operated Valves

    Solenoid valves have an electrical coil attached to the valve. Solenoid valves use a small electrical current to send a signal to the internal spool or poppet mechanism which opens or closes the valve. Coil control voltages are usually 12 Vdc, 24 Vac, 24 Vdc, 120 Vac and 240 Vac.

    Air- Pilot Operated Valves

    This type of valve requires an external air source to operate, instead of an electrical signal the valve opens and closes by air pressure which is applied to the piston or diaphragm. This can be achieved either by an electrical solenoid in another location. Alternatively, the valve can be internally air-piloted by a smaller integrated solenoid.

    How do you mount them?

    Solenoid valves can be mounted on DIN rail or on a manifold. A manifold is a mounting block that allows two or more valves to be mounted in a centralised location. Manifolds can be a single block or modular for easy maintenance.

    How are Pneumatic Valves Classified?

    Pneumatic solenoid valves are characterized by a standard numbering system consisting of two numbers. The first number represents the number ports valve has and the second number represents the number of states the valve has. The most common types are 2-way and 3-way valves which can be N/O (normally open) or N/C (normally closed). For example, a 2/2 valve has two ports (in/out) and two states (open/closed). A 3/2 valve has three ports and two states. Pneumatic solenoid valves typically have two, three or five ports.

    Our Valves

    Our pneumatic valves come in a wide range of configurations, pressure ranges, port sizes, thread sizes, body materials and mounting types to suit all your industrial automation and pneumatic requirements.

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