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    Powered & Airline Respirators

    Air Respirators are a form of PPE (personal protective equipment) that protects a user from inhaling hazardous gases or materials from surrounding environments. They allow a user to work in an environment that would otherwise be deemed as a too higher risk performing tasks. They allow users to perform these tasks that may otherwise prove too difficult, too dangerous or allow too much exposure to be in over a long duration, such as spray painting or chemical cleaning.

    Types Of Powered Air Respirators

    Powered Respirators uses an electric fan to draw air through a filter and removes particles of dust, fumes, mist and toxic substances in the air and send clean purified air to the user's headpiece of the helmet. Powered respirators usually enable the wearer more mobility than air-fed respirators and more comfort in breathing compared to reusable respirators.Air-fed Respirator or also known as a supplied-air respirator is a device that supplies clean/purified air to the worker, usually through a high-pressure air-supply hose or compressor attached at the waist. It is common to find these within a kit or set which includes the hood, helmet or face piece.

    What are air-fed and powered respirators used for?

    Air fed respirators allow maintenance or operational tasks to be carried out within inhospitable environments. This type of respirator allows users to continue to do tasks that involve irritating or toxic gases for extended periods of time. RS also offer air fed respirator accessories such as respiratory battery packs, chargers, visors, breathing tubes, air hoses, filters, headsets and helmets. These respiratory accessories are a key player in keeping the respirators functioning as intended, for the time required in a designated environment for protection from dust and particles.

    Typical applications for Powered and Air-fed respirators?

    Air-fed respirators are found in factories, workshops, chemical plants, foundries and other workplaces where hazardous chemicals and materials are used.

    Why choose RS for powered air respirators?

    RS offers a range of air respirators both powered and air-fed and supply industry-leading protection that meets the required safety standards from industry-leading brands such as 3M and JSP.

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