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    Forklift Cages

    Forklift Cages, also known as safety cages, provide you with a safe and secure platform, lifting you to work at height safely. When using a forklift cage, you must also ensure you are wearing the correct PPE. Fall arrest equipment like full fall arrest body harnesses and lanyards connected to anchor points.

    The cage is mounted onto a forklift by the forks of the truck sliding fully into the fitted fork pockets at the base of the safety cage and locked into place. Always ensure you never exceed the maximum load weight and capacity recommended for the forklift safety cage plus adhere to all safety precautions.

    A forklift cage should never be mounted onto a pallet then lifted by a forklift as the forklift cage will not be secure and may fall when lifted.

    We have a range of safety equipment that is used when working with a forklift cage such as fall arrest blocks, carabiners/karabiners, lanyards, hooks, anchors, slings, webbing, fall limiters. There are complete fall arrest kits which you can tailor to use along with forklift cage.

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