Welding Glasses

Welding Glasses protect your eyes from Arc Flash when using using welding equipment. Ultraviolet radiation is generated by electric welding arcs and can damage your eyes.

Why should I wear them?

Most Arc Flash accidents happen to workers within the area of the welding and not workers involved in the welding process. Modern welding safety glasses absorb up to 99% of the damaging UV radiation plus protect your eyes from any welding sparks and debris. Welding glasses have strong polycarbonate lenses that contour the face so that your eyes are also protected from the side. Always use welding glasses that adhere to industry recognised standards.

Safety Standards include:

EN 166:2001, EN 169, EN 379EN 171, EN 171, EN 172, EN 1836, EN 175:1997, EN 279:2003

When choosing welding glasses, ensure that you choose the best available protection for your eyes. Always refer to the industry standards produced by the Health and Safety Executive or the British Standards Institute (BSI). Remember that you do not have to be welding to damage your eyes, just being in the area of a welding process can cause eye damage.

Lens Shade:

The lens shade number indicates the amount of darkness provided by the lenses to protect your eyes. The higher the shade protection number, the darker lens. The darker the lens filters out harmful UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) waves. Shade numbers are a guide used by welders to select the most comfortable and clear lens for specific operations. Shade numbers generally range from 2 to 14.

Lens Material:

Polycarbonate – strong, tough, lightweight. A standard for eye protection

Added Protection

  • Anti-mist coating

  • UV Protection

  • Frame material – Polycarbonate for flexibility, strength.

  • Anti-scratch

Frame / Lens Markings:

Frames normally have a mechanical strength marked on the frame providing the lens protection.

  • S = increased robustness

  • F = high-speed particle, low energy impact of any type

  • B = high-speed particle. Medium energy impact

  • A = high-speed particle, high energy impact

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