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    Surface Mount Inductors

    Surface mount inductors, or SMD inductors, are a type of inductor which is mounted to the surface of the PCB, instead of the traditional through-hole technology. They feature pads which are soldered onto the PCB to create an electric circuit.

    Surface mount inductors are passive components (i.e. requiring an external power source) that uses an electromagnetic field to control current.

    There are different types of surface mount inductor, such as wire wound and multilayer surface mount inductors. Wire wound inductors have a core made of a magnetic metal like iron with wire wound around it. Energy is stored in a magnetic field when an electrical current flows through the coiled wire which has thick insulation to make the inductors suitable for use with larger currents Multilayer surface mount inductors consist of two conductive coil patterns in the upper part of a inductor. These coils connect with two similar coil patterns on a lower layer which store energy in the form of a magnetic field when an electrical current flows through them.

    What are surface mount inductors used for?

    Surface mount inductors are used in power circuits to control the voltage or current. They are often used to prevent changes in the voltage or current from passing through to other components within the circuit, which could cause damage. Surface mount inductors are used in devices which operate at high frequencies such as mobile communication systems, cell phones, Bluetooth devices and tuners.

    Types of surface mount inductors

    These products are available in many different forms. When choosing surface mount inductors you should consider the requirements of your circuit and choose a model which corresponds to the required current flow, pressure tolerance and temperature that the inductor can handle. This will help you to pair the inductor with the right circuit.

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