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    Plain Bushes

    Plain bushes are an independent type of plain bearing, used to prevent friction. They are a cylindrical lining used within a shaft, pin or hinge to prevent wear inside a hole. Plain bushes are inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications.

    What are plain bushes used for?

    Due to their infinite running capability, plain bushes are widely used in applications where failure of bearings will result in severe consequences. This includes environments such as steam turbines and turbo machines. They are suitable for heavy loading applications where lubrication is doubtful.

    Types of plain bushes

    Bushings are generally selected based on the applied load and velocity of an application. They can be categorised into three main types: composite self-lubricating bushings, metallic self-lubricating bushings and plastic compound bushings. Metal plain bushes are typically made of brass, steel and bronze. Before choosing the right bushing you should establish which type of metal is right for your application.

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