Scraping tools are used to scrape away a wide range of materials, such as adhesives, sealants and fillers, paint and decorative coverings (wallpaper, vinyl etc.) as well as for cleaning dirt and other unwanted debris. Designed for the removal of unwanted or excess debris scraping tools usually, feature a handle with a metal or plastic scraping head to allow a precise amount of pressure to be applied when removing material to limit damage to the part or surface being worked on.

Found in most DIY or decorating toolkits, scraping tools can also be used to create a smooth finish during preparation for painting or wallpapering. Opposed to removing sealants and fillers, scraping tools can also allow you to flatten down and push filler compounds or sealers into voids to create an even and level surface for a final finishing such as painting or papering.

What types of scraping tool are there?
• Paint scrapers feature a strong, wide metal head which is designed to remove paint and wallpaper.
• Filler knives are similar to paint scrapers, but they are more flexible. This makes them ideal for working with plastering and filler compounds.
• Razor blade scrapers come with a blade edge, which is often replaceable. The razor blades are very sharp and suitable for removing high bond materials such as glues as well as paint and putty. Blades are often retractable or feature a removable cover for safety purposes when storing the tool.
• Plastic blade scrapers are similar to the razor blade scrapers, but they use plastic blades. This means they are better for use on delicate surfaces.

Power tool scrapers are ideal for removing tougher materials or where the working surface doesn’t require such precise working. These scraping blades fit onto universal oscillating power tools to provide I high speed vibrating edge that can work through tougher materials or coverings faster whilst requiring minimal effort to work as effectively as possible.

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