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    Knives, Scissors & Saws

    Knives, scissors and saws form a broad category that covers a huge array of useful day-to-day tools, ideal for handling many tasks in the workplace as well as around the house. If there's a job requiring a sharp edge of any kind, there'll be a knife or saw designed for that specific purpose.

    What types of knives, scissors and saws are available?

    Browse our wide range of high-quality knives, scissors and saws from leading manufacturers such as Stanley, Leatherman, Gerber and the classic Swiss Army Knife. Popular product types include:

    • Safety knives - also known as safety cutters, box cutters, or utility knives. Safety knives are a widely used type of cutting tool valued for placing user protection first. They often feature a retractable or folding blade for safe storage.
    • Scalpels and craft knife sets - scalpels and craft knives offer extremely precise cutting for intricate shapes in DIY and artistic projects, thanks to their extremely sharp, thin blades. These are often 'snap-off' for easy resharpening, and held in a lightweight handle for optimal manoeuvrability.
    • Hand Saws and Blades - many varieties of hand saws for a number of different jobs, with hand saws being predominately used for cutting through wood. Plumbers find hacksaws useful as they can cut plastic pipes as well as copper without changing tools.
    • Putty knives and scraping tools - useful tools for surface preparation, from removing wallpaper or a residue to applying fillers to finish the surface.
    • Scissors - we offer a wide range of scissor types including electricians scissors for tougher fibres, side-bent scissors for textiles, carpeting and rubber underlay, surgical scissors for accurate/small-scale cutting, and general-purpose scissors.
    • Trimmer tools - for cutting precise shapes or angles out of plastic, wood or paper
    • Scalpel handles, safety blades, and other replacements.
    • Multi-tool - space and weight in the toolbox or hobby kit, a good multi-tool also provides a robust and durable solution to a wide range of situations. Features a number of handy bonus tools and accessories, ranging from bottle openers to needle threaders, saw blades and can openers.