Fuse Kits

What is it?
A fuse kit is a selection of fuses contained in a moulded compartmentalised storage box. The sturdy boxes contain printed cards on the inner side of the lid clearly displaying the details of the fuses in each compartment.
What does it do?
A fuse kit provides a convenient method of accessing suitable fuses for a particular repair or maintenance job for engineers, mechanic’s, electricians and technicians.
Fuse kits are an essential part of any tool kit. Some of the most common applications are
• Automotive
• Electricians – Domestic and industrial
• Lab technicians
• Plant and Services maintenance
Fuse kits come in various types to suit every application. The kits come in mixed current ratings, tripping characteristics, dimensions and materials.
• Glass and Ceramic
• LBC and HBC
• Anti-surge (T) Quick acting (F)
• Automotive blade
• Cartridge
• SMD (surface mount)

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