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    Castor Fittings

    What Are Castor Fittings?

    Castor fittings are used to enable the proper functioning of different types of castor wheel. Castors are a type of wheel with a metal housing, which is used to connect the wheel to the underside of an object in order to make it portable.

    How to choose castor wheel fittings?

    You should choose castor wheel fitting based on the type of castor wheel you're using. For example, you need to determine whether you're using a swivel or fixed head castor and whether your castor is a bolthole or plate castor.

    Types of castor wheel fitting

    There is a range of castor wheel fittings to choose from. Common types include:Stems – used to connect bolthole castors to an object. These can be threaded or unthreaded and come in different lengths depending on your needs. They may have a circlip, which presses on the shaft of the stem when the castor is in use to offer extra strength.

    Plates – used to connect plate castors to an object. They are welded or bolted on to the object and have greater load-bearing capacity.

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