Toggle Latches

To securely fasten a lid or door in a quick and easy fashion, toggle latches are widely used. They provide an ideal solution to ensuring convenient accessibility, with a locking action that can be depended on.

A toggle latches calibrated cam action ensures that when the latch is closed, it remains locked in place. Releasing the secure lock requires little effort on behalf of the user, thanks to the built in lever action. Because of this combination of dependability and easy access, they are often used in tool boxes, or other high load containers.

Toggle latches are sometimes referred to as over centre fasteners or draw latches.

Safe Working Loads

The RS Range of toggle switches are suitable for light weight, medium and heavy duty applications. With operating tensions ranging from 13kgf to 458kgf, you can be sure to select the most appropriate and safest toggle latch for your needs.

Additional Features

The RS Range of adjustable toggle switches are also available with additional features.
•Lockable. For when extra security is required, toggle latches are available with built in eyelets to affix a padlock. This is ideal for securing tool kits or lockboxes when unattended.

•Spring Loaded. With added convenience, a spring loaded toggle latch ensures that the locking part of the mechanism releases easily and quickly.

Materials and Finish

The toggle latches are available in variety of materials and finishes, including stainless steel, for durability in outdoor conditions, and electro polished for increased protection against corrosion.

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Description Prix Material Finish Lockable Spring Loaded Adjustable Operating Tension Dimensions Depth Length Width
N° de stock RS 288-8464
Référence fabricantC7-10-RS
16,865 €
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Fibreglass Reinforced Nylon, Stainless Steel, TPE - - - - 11lbf 129 x 31.8 x 19.6mm 19.6mm 129mm 31.8mm
N° de stock RS 368-2885
11,975 €
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Brass Chrome Plated - - - - 83 x 28 x 18mm 18mm 83mm 28mm
N° de stock RS 447-4922
Référence fabricant97-50-221-12-RS
19,22 €
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Stainless Steel - - Yes - 160lbf 79.8 x 22.4 x 14.4mm 14.4mm 79.8mm 22.4mm