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    IR LEDs

    The IR LED (Infrared Light-Emitting Diode) is a SSL (Solid State Lighting) type of LED diode that sends out the light with a longer wavelengths than visible light. It's commonly used in conjunction with the IR receiver to support a wireless communication between 2 or more devices. The infrared light is an electromagnetic radiation with the wave length in the range between 700 nm to 1mm. IR diodes are especially useful for an electronic industry and machine to machine communication.

    Uses for IR LEDS:

    • Remote controls

    • TVs

    • Climate control systems

    • Audio equipment

    • Cameras

    • Lighting equipment

    • Night vision cameras

    Types of IR LEDs categorised by the wavelength:

    • 808 nm – suitable for medical treatments, space optical communication, infrared illumination

    • 830 nm – suitable for automated card reader systems

    • 850 nm – suitable for night vision cameras, CCTV monitoring systems, digital photography

    • 940 nm – suitable for remote controllers

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