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    Indicator Lampholders

    Indicator lampholders are support indicator lights within a lighting fixture and link them to the electrical circuit. These holders or sockets hold the bulbs and enable electrical contact to provide the bulbs with power to switch on, switch off or flash at pre-determined intervals. They also allow the lights to be easily removed, switched out or replaced.

    What are indicator lampholders used for?

    Indicator lampholders are most commonly found within the automotive industry, where they are used to secure the bulbs of brake lights, turning signal lights, warning gauge lights and ignition status lights.

    In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, indicator lampholders are used with equipment or machinery status indicator or warning lights. They are an integral part of the safety and emergency measures within plants and factories.

    Types of indicator lampholders

    Indicator lampholders are categorised in terms of their different attributes, including:

    • Mounting types, such as PCB (printed circuit board) or panel mount.
    • Termination types, such as soldered, wire lead or screwed.
    • Base formats, such as bayonet, screw in, candelabra or wedged.
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