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    Discrete Sockets

    Discrete sockets are a type of IC (integrated circuit) socket designed to allow IC devices to be mounted onto PCBs (printed circuit boards), giving virtually zero above-board profile. The socket is designed to press fit into a hole in your PCB and is therefore ideal for applications where space is limited.

    How do discrete sockets work?

    Discrete sockets are useful because you don't need solderto fit them. You simply insert them into the plated thru-holes on a PCB enabling the holes to become the component socket. The sockets are conical in shape and re-size the thru-hole on the board when pressed into place.

    Options for the shell of the discrete socket included closed or open-ended, with or without a knurled section for added board retention.

    Features and benefit of discrete sockets

    Discrete sockets are designed to meet severe environmental conditions. They're beneficial because they:

    • are resistant to vibration and shock
    • have a wide operating temperature range
    • are durable and long lasting
    • are strong, commonly made from brass or copper
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