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    Terminal Block Housings

    Terminal block housing is a type of protective casing designed to ensure the integrity of electrical connections in terminal blocks.

    How does terminal block housing work?

    Terminal block housing is made from plastics such as nylon, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and aminoplast as well as other insulated materials that are resistant to the flow of electric current. Insulation stops the wire's current from coming into contact with other conductors and prevents electrical leakage.

    Terminal block housing also helps to protect the point of contact in terminal blocks from environmental threats such as excessive heat, dust, water and any other materials that could compromise the connection. Both the effectiveness and safety of terminal blocks depend on the housing.

    Types of terminal block housing

    Coming in different types of sizes and designs, terminal block housings are designed to suit different sizes of cables and mounting styles. They can be categorized by mounting type into:

    • Cable mount
    • PCB (printed circuit board) mount
    • Surface mount
    • Wall mount
    • Panel mount
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