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    Earth Terminal Blocks

    Earth terminal blocks, also referred to as ground terminal blocks and earth terminals are used for grounding and earthing cables. These types of terminal blocks can house a range of different wire sizes as well a variety on the number earthing points that can be housed.

    What is an earth terminal block?

    Earth terminal type blocks are designed to protect electrical units and individuals from interference such as electrical or magnetic fields. This process known as grounding or earthing is a safe way to discharge excess electricity from an appliance.

    These types of terminal blocks can be inserted into a block and are usually interchangeable with standard terminal blocks.

    How to identify an Earth terminal block

    Earth terminal blocks are easily identifiable with a green and yellow housing as per international standards and can be mounted onto a DIN rail. Connection methods for the wires include screw and clamp.

    These earth terminals have excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at high temperatures.

    Applications for earth terminal blocks

    Earth type terminal blocks are used worldwide in providing protection in a variety of applications such as

    • Distribution boards
    • Control centres and machine control systems such as ships and power stations
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