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    Heavy Duty Power Connector Contacts

    Heavy-duty power connector contacts are the part of the connector which enables the transfer of voltage and current to power equipment. The metal contacts can either be pin (male) or socket (female). Power connector contacts are used in conjunction with heavy-duty electrical connectors including Han D, Han-Com and Han-Modular inserts. RS offer an extensive range of connector contacts in a variety of contact materials, platings and wire sizes.

    Selecting the correct connector contact.

    There are a few things that must be considered when selecting the best power contact for your application. Electrical power connectors often carry large voltages and high currents so great care must be taken to ensure you have the right connector.

    • Amperage and voltage - The current carrying capacity of the connector and contacts running through the circuit will determine which range of industrial connectors will be suitable. Heat will be produced by the contacts, so the total number of contacts and the layout of your connector must be carefully considered.
    • Wire size - The wire size will be determined by the size of the contact and the amount of current it can safely handle. Wire sizes will be quoted in AWG or CSA. The larger the wire size the more current the conductors can carry.
    • Plating - There are different types of plating on connector contacts including gold and silver. The plating material will impact the conductivity of the connection as well as durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Termination Type - Heavy-duty terminals are usually crimped onto wires using an appropriately sized crimping tool. This method ensures a more reliable termination. Some terminals can also be soldered.

    Browse our range of high-quality terminals and heavy-duty connectors for all of your industrial application requirements.

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