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    Fibre Optic Patch Panels

    A patch panel or fibre distribution panel is a metal frame with pre- punched holes equally spaced horizontally along the front face. The holes, known as ports can be supplied populated with a specific type of bulkhead adapter or unpopulated. Unpopulated patch panels can be configured with bulkhead adapters to suit specific applications.

    What does it do?

    A fibre optic patch panel separates the hardwiring of the network from your network equipment. Shorter cables, known as patch cables are plugged into the front of the panel, and connect to longer cables at the back of the panel.


    Anywhere you would require the transmission of voice, video or data.

    • Commercial businesses

    • Television studios

    • Military

    • Schools, colleges and Universities

    • Transportation

    • Data centres

    • Telecommunication networks


    Traditional fibre optic patch panels are made to fit 19" racking systems. They are measured to meet standard rack height dimensions. Heights are 1.75 in or 44.45 mm, referred to as 1U. The panels can be fixed into the rack or for easy access, sliding draw options are also available.


    Unpopulated panels have several empty ports which can be configured with fibre optic bulkhead adapters to suit the application.


    Populated panels come with the ports already containing the fibre optic adapters. The different connectors available are:

    FC – Screw on connection. Can be used for single and multimode fibre. PC and UPC polish.

    LC – snap-on (RJ45 Style). Can be used for single and multimode fibre. PC, UPC and APC polish.

    LX.5 – same as LC but has a shutter over the end of the fibre

    MTP - (MPO) MPO is an interface type, MTP is one type of MPO connector. MTP is a US brand

    SC – snap-on. Can be used for single and multimode fibre. PC, UPC and APC polish.

    ST - Twist on. Can be used for single and multimode fibre. PC and UPC polish

    Single mode – smaller core. One pathway for light

    Multimode – larger core. Multiple pathways for light

    Simplex – Simplex fibre cable consists of a single strand of glass plastic fibre. Used where a single transmit or receive line between devices is required

    Duplex – Duplex fibre cable consists of two strands of glass plastic fibre. Used where separate transmit and separate receive lines are required.

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