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    Lantern Batteries

    Lantern batteries are rectangular batteries, typically alkaline batteries, that are typically used in devices such as torches or lanterns. They are made up of multiple cells inside a single housing, making them physically larger than standard batteries, with their large size allowing them to provide a higher capacity than more common torch batteries (such as AA, C and D cells).

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    What are lantern batteries used for?

    Lantern batteries are most commonly used for torches and lanterns due to their higher energy capacity, as well as their sealed design that allows them to withstand heavy-duty use. This is especially important when torches or lanterns are being used in tough or challenging working conditions.

    Types of lantern batteries:

    • 4.5 volt: the 4.5 volt lantern battery uses metal strips as terminals. It is mostly used to power torches.
    • 6 volt: the 6-volt rechargeable variety is made from a three-cell sealed lead-acid battery. They are commonly used in the construction industry for powering work lights.
    • 7.5 volt: the 7.5-volt type has screw terminals and a rectangular base. A carrying handle is usually connected between the terminals to improve ease of use where this is important, for example in the construction industry.
    • 12 volt: the 12-volt variant also has screw terminals and a rectangular base. It can be used to power car accessories using an adapter.
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