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    Load Nets

    Load nets are used to ensure safe transportation by preventing any spillage of debris and materials during transit. They're made from strong, durable cord and are available in a range of dimensions and mesh sizes to suit a variety of end uses.

    What are load nets used for?

    Load nets have many safety uses across manufacture, industry and transport. They're used to restrain loads in lorries and other vehicles during transport, protect a workforce from falling debris overhead or prevent waste being blown from skips. They can be easily fixed to all vehicles and over any kind of material load. Because of their robust cord construction, load nets are hardwearing and resistant to breakage at high capacity and in even the most extreme conditions.

    Choosing load nets

    Load nets are typically constructed from 3.5mm diameter braided polyethylene (PE) cord with different sizes of perimeter cord and tie rope to choose from. They're available in a range of sizes to suit different applications. Load nets are designed to conveniently fit all standard industrial skips.

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