Bluetooth Sound, Temperature, Humidity and Motion Sensor

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  • Référence fabricant MT-P2
  • Fabricant Minut
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Pays d'origine : CN
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Minut - Smart Home Sensor MT-P2

The Minut is a smart sensor device that can be installed in your home, office or other properties to manage elements such as temperature, humidity, noise and movement. All data and settings are managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Putting you in complete control of your home and your security.

The Minut doesn’t have any cameras or microphones, ensuring your privacy is not compromised. This camera-less smart security device uses a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor to detect heat from any living thing in that comes into its radius. It will then send you alerts as well as sounds an alarm and flash to deter any intruders.

It can be fitted magnetically to a metal plate on a ceiling, so you can easily install near an entry point and that’s it. You just simply remove it for charging.

The Minut smart home sensor can learn to work with other devices in your home such as smoke alarms, so if your smoke alarm sounds you will be alerted through the app. Along with monitoring temperature and humidity so you can adjust your heating systems as necessary.
The Minut also monitors noise levels, making it extremely popular in the short-term rental market and office locations, where any peaks in noise or smashed items can be followed up on quickly when you are alerted to them. As the device has no microphones, privacy is still fully protected.

Features and Benefits

•Smart home security system - the minut will alert you if motion is detected as well a sound a siren and flash to scare of the intruder.
•Noise monitoring - when noise levels go above you personalised threshold you will be notified instantly
•Temperature & humidity levels - ensure your heating or AC systems are working effectively and switch off of they have been left on accidentally.
•Manage your home through your phone - install the app on a smartphone or tablet to manage your home.
•Alarm recognition - the minut will notify you when other alarms sound such as a smoke alarm.
•Tamper detection - if there is an attempt to remove the device, you will be alerted.
•Sleek attractive design - a stylish addition to your home.
•No camera or microphone - no recordings or data are stored at all so you do not have to be concerned about privacy.
•Ideal for short term rentals - easily manage your property remotely and communicate with guests automatically when noise levels are too high.
•Nightlight - optional light can be emitted when someone walks under the sensor at night.

Attribut Valeur
Device Type Humidity and Motion Sensor, Sound, Temperature
Communication Protocol Bluetooth
Mounting Type Magnetic Mounting Plate
Height 46mm
Length 85mm
Width 85mm
Weight 180g
Operating Distance 25m
Supply Voltage 3.6 V
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
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