GP1A173LCS3F Sharp, Snap-In Slotted Optical Switch, Photointerrupter Output

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  • Référence fabricant GP1A173LCS3F
  • Fabricant Sharp
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GP1A173LCS3F is a standard, low voltage operation, OPIC output, transmissive photointerrupter with opposing emitter and detector in a case, providing non-contact sensing. For this family of devices, the emitter and detector are inserted in a case, and a 3-pin connector is included to allow remote-mount or off-board designs.

Transmissive with OPIC output
Highlights Special position hooks, compatible with 3 different
Plate thicknesses (1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm), Snap insertion
Key Parameters Low operating voltage : 2.7 to 5.5V, Gap Width 5mm, Slit Width (detector side) 0.5mm, Package : 17 ´ 12.8 ´ 8mm (without connector and hooks), Connector : Tyco Electronics JAPAN G.K. (173977-3 and 179228-3)
RoHS directive compliant

Attribut Valeur
Output Device Photointerrupter
Number of Channels 1
Typical Rise Time 166 (Minimum)µs
Typical Fall Time 166 (Minimum)µs
Mounting Type Snap-In
Number of Pins 5
Dimensions 27.1 x 9.8 x 16.2mm
Height 16.2mm
Length 27.1mm
Maximum Operating Temperature -30°C
Minimum Operating Temperature +95°C
Slot Width 4.3mm
Width 9.8mm
Series GP1A173L
Output Signal Type Analogue
Operating Temperature Range -30 → +95°C
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