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RS PRO 4 Piece Network Tool Kit With Punch down Tool, Modular Crimping Tool, Universal Cable Stripper & Cutter, LAN Cable Tester

Introducing the 4 piece network installation tool kit from RS PRO, a professional and versatile tool kit ideal for checking cable continuity and efficient stripping and crimping of cables and wire where required. This high quality kit is also supplied in a handy wallet, ensuring the tools and accessories are protected when not in use.

LAN Cable Tester

The LAN network cable tester consists of a main unit and remote unit and is ideal for testing RJ45 and RJ11 cables and modular plugs. The tester and remote both feature clear and user friendly interfaces, with LED lights to indicate power. The network tester allows you to quickly and efficiently check for cable continuity, miswiring as well as open, short, straight-through or cross pinning.

Low Impact Insertion Tool

The low impact insertion tool, otherwise known as a punch down tool, is ideal for connecting network and telecommunications wires to a patch panel, keystone module, punch down block or surface mount box. The punch down tool consists of a handle, hook, spudger and blade allowing you to quickly and efficiently seat data wires into terminals whilst trimming excess wires during the punch down action.

Modular Crimping Tool for 8P8C

Also included in the kit is a modular crimping tool that is perfect for joining or crimping two pieces of material together such as connectors and wires. The crimping tool includes various features such as a cutter, plug holder, crimper, stripper and closed locker ensuring quick and easy application. This modular crimping tool is designed for use with 8P8C connectors and RJ45 wiring.

Universal Cable Stripper & Cutter

The universal cable stripper and cutter is an excellent addition to the kit, allowing you to safely cut and strip cables and sheath. The spring loaded tool allows you to safely insert cables that require the sheath to be cut, exposing the internal strands ready for crimping and installation.

Features and benefits

  • Handy 4 piece kit to assist with network installation

  • Handy storage wallet to protect the tools when not in use

  • Compact kit ideal for working on the go

  • Quickly check for cable continuity

  • Ideal for crimping and stripping cables


Network tool kits are an essential kit for installing, testing and maintaining network installations. Kits often feature a variety of tools such as a LAN cable tester, punch down tool, crimping tool, cable strippers, cutters and more allowing you to quickly and efficiently install and maintain network installations without purchasing a variety of individual tools. Network tool kits are ideal for technicians, ensuring all the required tools to get the job done are at hand in one place.


What is included?

This versatile compact network tool kit is supplied with the following:

  • Punchdown Tool

  • Modular Crimping Tool

  • Universal Cable Stripper & Cutter

  • LAN Cable Tester

  • Storage Case

What connectors are compatible?

The crimping tool is ideal for use with 8P8C connectors and RJ45 wiring.

How is the LAN network tester powered?

The LAN network tester included in this set required a 9 V battery.

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Cable Type LAN, RJ45/STP, RJ45/UTP
Test Type Continuity, Miswire, Open Circuit, Short Circuit
Battery Type 9 V
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