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    FLIR DM93 Handheld Digital Multimeter, True RMS, 10A ac Max, 10A dc Max, 1000V ac Max

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    Détails du produit

    FLIR DM93 True RMS Industrial Multimeter

    he FLIR DM93 is an easy to use digital multimeter it has a durable, rugged, double-moulded casing which is protected to IP54 and drop tested to a height of 2m. The DM93 features a built-in stand which makes the meter convenient for stationary or benchtop work, The DM93 can measure AC/DC voltage to 1000V, AC/DC current to 10A, resistance to 40MΩ, frequency to 100kHz, capacitance to 40mF, temperature from -200 to 1200°C The digital multimeter features advanced VFD filtering to help you accurately analyze non-traditional sine waves and noisy signals found in VFD-controlled equipment.VFD Mode filters variable frequency drive signals and provides accurate voltage and frequency measurements during maintenance and troubleshooting.

    Features and Benefits

    • LoZ Mode eliminates ghost voltage readings associated with long-run applications

    • Powerful Worklights eliminate the need for a flashlight while performing tests in dim lighting

    • LED backlit screen

    • Data Record feature captures electrical measurements

    • Voltage and Current

    • Automatic AC/DC voltage detection

    • DC/AC voltage measurements to 1000V

    • AC/DC current measurements to 10A

    • Resistance to 40MΩ

    • Capacitance testing

    • Temperature testing

    • Analog Bargraph

    • Auto AC/DC Voltage

    • Average Recording

    • Automatic power off

    • Rated to IP54

    • Bluetooth connectivity

    • METERLiNK® technology wirelessly sends the meter’s electrical readings to compatible FLIR infrared cameras, embedding the data into live and saved thermal images


    • Industrial

    • Electricians

    • Service Technicians

    • HVAC/R Professionals

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: What is VDF on the DM93 multimeter?
    A: DM93 world-class digital multimeters offer advanced variable frequency drive filtering (VDF) to help you accurately analyze non-traditional sine waves and noisy signals.

    Q: Does the FLIR DM93 digital multimeter feature Bluetooth connectivity?
    A: FLIR DM93 digital multimeter connects via Bluetooth to compatible smartphones and tablets using the FLIR Tools Mobile app. This will enable you to monitor electrical readings on equipment in closed cabinets, with dangerous moving components, or with extreme temperatures – all from a safe distance, also ideal for sharing diagnostic results with colleagues or customers on-site or remotely.

    Supplied with

    Multimeter, 6 x AAA batteries, user manual/CD, CAT IV Silicon Test Leads, Type K Temperature Probe (400°F, 204°C), magnetic hanging strap



    Multimeter TypeHandheld
    True RMSYes
    Functions MeasuredAC Current, AC Voltage
    Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement40MΩ
    Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement10A ac
    Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement10A dc
    Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement1000V ac
    Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement1000V dc
    Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement+1200°C
    Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement40mF
    Maximum Frequency100kHz
    Display TypeDigital
    Model Number pDM93
    Safety Category LevelCAT III, CAT IV
    Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy±0.9 %
    Best AC Voltage Accuracy±0.5 %
    Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy±1 %
    Best DC Voltage Accuracy±0.05 %
    Best DC Current Accuracy±0.2 %
    Battery Type6 x AAA
    Safety Category Voltage600 V, 1000V
    Best AC Current Accuracy±1 %
    Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy±0.2 %
    Produit discontinué