UKAS(1993848) Solar PV Multimeter

  • N° de stock RS 199-5019
  • Fabricant RS PRO
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RS PRO Digital Multimeter, 10A ac 1000V ac, 10A dc 1000V dc, 2000V dc Measurement for Photovoltaic Output

Introducing the RS PRO S3 digital multimeter, a compact and robust handheld digital multimeter ideal for measuring a wide range of electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current and Resistance. With the addition of capacitance measurements, selectable frequency measurements and PV measurement, this digital multimeter (DMM) is ideal for Photovoltaic applications, offering exceptional value with high quality and reliable results. The device features a clean and user friendly interface with a large white LED backlit display, allowing you to easily display measurements in a wide range of environments. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can also save and share data quickly and efficiently to your smart device.

Features and Benefits

  • 2000VDC measurement for Photovoltaic output

  • Perfect for measurement of common parameters including Voltage, Current and Resistance

  • Capacitance measurement offering enhanced measurement capabilities

  • 6,000 counts digital and 60 segments analog display

  • Large white backlit display ensuring measurements can be displayed easily

  • True RMS measurements on ACV/ACA

  • 0.5% DCV accuracy

  • AC/DC mA & μA Function

  • °C/°F Temperature Function

  • Frequency measurements on ACV/ACA

  • Diode Test

  • High Frequency Rejection Save and share data quickly and effectively so smart devices via Bluetooth

  • Data Logging / Manual Save up to 4000 records Auto-ranging for quick and easy measurements

  • Min/Max Hold

  • CAT IV 600V/ CATIII 1000V Safety Standards


Handheld digital multimeters are used in a wide range of applications to test and measure various parameters including Voltage, Current, Resistance and more. Digital multimeters allow you to test and measure electrical devices safely and effectively, providing you with accurate measurements. Many digital multimeters also include additional measurement capabilities and functions such as Capacitance and Frequency. Digital multimeters are commonly used by:

  • Technicians

  • Electricians

  • Engineers

  • Hobbyists


CAT IV 600V/ CATIII 1000V Safety Standards.


Does this feature Diode test?

Yes, the RS PRO S1 features a Diode test function.

Is auto-ranging achievable?

Yes, this device features an auto-ranging measurement function.

Does this include a continuity tester?

Yes, this multimeter features a continuity with built-in buzzer that sounds when measured resistance is less than 20Ω and sounds off when measured resistance is more than 200Ω, between 20Ω to 200Ω the buzzer maybe sound or off either.

What’s included?

Battery (installed), test leads, protective holster, temperature probe and user manual.

Attribut Valeur
Multimeter Type Digital
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement 10A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement 10A dc
Calibrated UKAS
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement 40MΩ
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 1000V ac
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 1000V dc
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement +400°C
Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement 10mF
Connectivity Bluetooth
Functions Measured AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Continuity, DC Current, DC Voltage, Diode Test, Resistance, Temperature
True RMS Yes
Maximum Frequency 100kHz
Display Type LED
Safety Category Level CAT III, CAT IV
Height 46mm
Length 165mm
Width 82mm
Battery Type AA
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