RS PRO, 25A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse, 6.3 x 32mm, Speed F

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RS PRO Ceramic Bodied Fuses 6.3x32mm

RS PRO offer this range of miniature ceramic cartridge fuses which are either ultra-rapid fuses (FF) or fast acting fuses (F). The ultra-rapid fuses operate at higher temperatures so are ideal to provide circuit protection to semiconductor devices. The fast-acting fuses are ideal to protect less sensitive components.

Fast acting fuses are the most popular fuse and are ideal for providing protection to devices or internal circuits from short circuits and overcurrent. They are deliberately weaker components which, when too much current is drawn, will blow. Once the fuse has blown it will need replacing in order to make the circuit complete and allow the flow of current.

RS PRO cartridge fuse packs are available in a range of current ratings with varying resistance values to suit all your requirements. This range is reliable for a broad range of applications.


6.3 x 32 mm cartridge size
F Speed Rating
Cylindrical in shape
HBC (high breaking current) fuse – can withstand a higher current than the fuse rating

Typical applications:

Miniature fuses are a relatively cheap way of protecting electrical equipment from short circuits and overcurrent and can be used to protect electrical appliances, electronic equipment and component parts.

Additional information:

What size is it?
6.3 x 32mm is a miniature cartridge size. Miniature fuses are ideal for the protection of electrical appliances, electronic equipment and component parts

What Speed is it?
These particular fuses are either (FF) ultra-rapid or (F) fast acting speed rated which means it is a fast acting fuse, FF fuses are great for short-circuit protection of semiconductor devices like thyristors, diodes and transistors.

What are fuses used for?
• For the protection of components and equipment from costly damage caused by over-current.
• To isolate sub-systems from the main system once a fault has appeared

What is an over-current?
It is a setting where a circuit experiences a current that is higher than the normal operating current.

What is Breaking Capacity?
Breaking capacity is the level of current that the fuse can safely handle without exploding or rupturing. The breaking capacity of your fuse should be greater than the fault current of your electronic circuit. This particular fuse is HBC (High Breaking Capacity).


Fuses with values greater than 6.3A using open type fuse holders is recommended, to reduce the risk of nuisance tripping at or near full rated current.



Attribut Valeur
Current Rating 25 A
Fuse Size 6.3 x 32mm
Fuse Speed F
Voltage Rating 440 V ac
Body Material Ceramic
UL Class UL 248-13
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