Raytech Unshielded Straight Gel Filled Cable Jointing Kit 4 x 16 → 35mm²

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  • Référence fabricant Magic Joint 35
  • Fabricant Raytech
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Magic Joint Cable Jointing Kit

The Raytech Magic Joint is a cable joint suitable for extruded 0.6/1 kV cables. It is easy to install and is formed by two plastic half shells that, once closed on the cable after conductor connection, are then filled with the magic fluid. This cable jointing kit is ideal for installations in ducts or traps underground, submerged or directly exposed to the weather. Magic joint has no shelf life, is safe, non toxic and re-enterable even after long working periods. Fast in cross linking without any increase of temperature, the insulation has high dielectric characteristics

No shelf life
Completely non toxic
Cure time less than 10 minutes at room temperature
Joints are re-enterable even after log working periods
Degree of protection higher than IP68
Can be installed under water at any depth
Can be used safely in unventilated and confined areas


Splices/ Connectors should be ordered separately to suit the cable type or application


CEI EN 50393; CEI 20-33
Class 2 in accordance with CEI 64-8
Degree of protection higher than IP68 in accordance with IEC 529

Supplied with

1 x closure with phase separator, 1 x cable tie, sealing tape, bag of Magic Fluid, instructions.

Supplied with

1 x closure with phase separator, 1 x cable tie, sealing tape, bag of Magic Fluid, instructions

Attribut Valeur
Application Unshielded
Number of Cores 4
Dimensions 232 x 70mm
Kit Includes Cable Ties, Enclosure with Phase Separator, Instructions, Polymeric Resin, Sealing Tape
Material Gel Filled
Cable Size 4 x 16 → 35mm²
Joint Type Straight
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