SKF Bearing Heater TIH100M 230V

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  • Référence fabricant TIH100M 230V
  • Fabricant SKF
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SKF Bearing Induction Heater

Heating bearings has never been so convenient, our SKF bearing heater is lightweight and portable- enabling the user to take it wherever they need. The SKF induction heater is equipped with temperature and time controls, allowing the user to have complete control over the application. The bearing heater uses a special method of heating that is based on high-frequency induction, which in turn provides optimised efficiency. The heater can also be used in other applications and workpieces such as heating ferrous components, gears, pulleys, shrink rings, couplings, and bushings.The SKF induction heater has been designed to carefully and evenly heat bearings, allowing bearings to be installed without the need for specific hand tools and eliminating the need to use force during installation.

Features and Benefits

• Power setting options and yokes (X3) mean that smaller bearings can be heated safely, and with a lower power consumption
• Equipped with automatic demagnetisation, lowering the risk of ferrous debris contamination after the use of the heater
• Capable of heating a 28kg bearing in 20 min
• Compact, lightweight design which facilitates portability
• The advanced design of the power electronics allows accurate electric current control
• Heating time modes
• Thermal overheating protection, this protection minimises the damage to the induction coil as well as the electronics - thus for, enhancing the safety and reliability of the induction heater
• An integrated carrying handle is built into the bearing heater design
• Foldable bearing support arms allows the heater to heat larger bearings and other suitable components
• The magnetic temperature probe helps prevent overheating.
• The protective, heat resisting gloves provide an extra layer of safety for the person operating the bearing heater
• Created and designed with owners and operators in mind, the innovative design provides a considerable advantage

A little more information...

• Greased and sealed bearings can be heated with the bearing heater without any risk of damage
• There is not a fitted electrical cable plug supplied with the bearing heater
• The heater is supplied with heat resistant gloves
• Ensure that you select the correct supply voltage for your given application

SKF Electric Induction Heaters and Hot Plates enable bearings and other machinery components to be heated prior to installation. The induction heaters and hot plates are suitable for use with a variety of component sizes (actual sizes accepted depend on which induction heater or hot plate is used) and individual components may be heated to 200/250°C. SKF induction heaters and hot plates are thermostatically-controlled, and for safety reasons, overheat protection is also incorporated into the units to ensure that the induction heater or hot plate is switched off in the event of thermostat failure.

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Supply Voltage 200 → 240V
Maximum Bore Size 400mm
Minimum Bore Size 20mm
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