RS PRO Round Anti Vibration Feet 19mm dia. LDPE

  • N° de stock RS 543-513
  • Fabricant RS PRO
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Déclaration de conformité RoHS
Pays d'origine : GB
Détails du produit

Screw Fixing Feet

Moulded feet for use on instrument cases, etc.

Installation and Mounting

382-2386: 4BA Fixing Hole 543-248: 4BA Fixing Hole
543-232: 2BA / 4.8mm Dia Fixing Hole
543-513: 4.0mm Fixing Hole


Fixing hole: 6BA for stock no. 382-2386 ; 2BA for stock no. 543-232

RS PRO Anti Vibration Mount

At first, this little inconspicuous Anti Vibration Feet might look reasonably simplistic. The power of this anti-vibration mount, however, is appreciated by many users worldwide. We are proudly introducing RS PRO Anti-Vibration Mount that is suitable for commercial and domestic applications, such as rubber feet for chairs, rubber furniture feet, anti-vibration machine reducer or even as a door bumper. The versatility makes Rubber Mounts perfect solution to absorb, isolate vibrations and prevent noise. The extensive range of Mounts we are offering, apply on a much bigger scale to address infrastructural concerns with industrial-sized machinery. By using the Mounts on the product that has contact with a surface, you can be confident that limited movement and noise is under control. The lifespan for these Rubbers is exceptional, which means this is a long-term investment. Anti-Vibration Mount protects not only the floor or machines, but they also safeguard people from a potential injury. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

Features and Benefits

  • The maximum continuous temperature for this Rubber is 50°C

  • The maximum intermittent temperature for this Anti-Vibration is 70°C

  • The Rubber is ROHS & WEE Compliant

  • You are getting 50 individual Anti-Vibration Mounts packed in bag

  • Minimum Operating Temperature is -30°C

  • Maximum Operating Temperature is +70°C

  • This synthetic rubber is a straight forward installation

  • Long lifespan

  • Versatile usage (commercial and domestic)

  • Reviewed by our engineers

  • Made of LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) known since 1933


  • They have their place in industrial machines

  • Furniture legs (tables, chairs)

  • Door bumper

  • Washing Machine

  • The Anti-Vibration Mount protect the hardwood floor

Frequently asked questions

How do Anti-Vibration Mounts work?

These Mounts work by isolating vibrations, which ultimately result in reducing noise and protecting against shock load.


Attribut Valeur
Diameter 19mm
Overall Height 15.9mm
Material LDPE
Maximum Operating Temperature +70°C
Foot Shape Round
Minimum Operating Temperature -30°C
Type Feet
Foot Colour Black
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