Verbatim 2.85mm White PRIMALLOY 3D Printer Filament, 500g

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Verbatim Primalloy 3D Filament

PrimalloyTM is a soft rubber material with outstanding heat, oil and abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.
It is a high performance polyester based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
Exceptional diameter consistency providing the best possible homogeneous wire structure for smooth operation.
Manufactured in Japan to very tight tolerances from the highest quality materials to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.
PrimalloyTM is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
All filament is delivered in a vacuum bag, with desiccant, wound onto a bespoke spool.
2 year limited warranty.
Not food safe


Recommended for use in commonly available fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers
Print only in a well-ventilated or hooded work area
Best results obtained with printers having a heated platform (40-50 ゚C)
The extruded material adheres best to a build platform that has been covered with Polyimide Tape (see also KaptonTM tape)
Keep material sealed until ready for use
To control moisture content, return any partially consumed reel to a sealed, air-tight bag that contains a desiccant
To prevent layer drooping, apply forced air cooling on object as it builds
To prevent feed jams, apply slow print speeds (≤30 mm/s) and turn off retraction. Avoid excessive pressure in the pinch feeder
Due to its flexibility and resultant buckling risk, this filament is not recommended for printers with significant distance (e.g. >15 mm) between pinch feeder and hot end

Process temperature 210 - 235 ゚C
Material Net Weight 0.5 kg
Filament Length 190m
Density 1.08 – 1.10 g/cm3
Tensile Yield (JIS K 7113) 14 MPa
Elongation (JIS K 7113) 990 %
Melting Point 175 to 195 ゚C
Melt Flow Index at 230 ゚C, 21.1N 45 g/(10 minutes)
Durometer Hardness D (JIS K 6253) 33


Quality Advice: To maintain our product quality we recommend to remove the filament from your printer if not used for more than a few hours and store it in a dry place

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Material Type Flexible
Printing Technology FDM
Machine Specific No
Colour White
Weight 500g
Diameter 2.85mm
Printing Material PRIMALLOY
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