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    Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids

    Ultrasonic cleaning fluids are used in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaner. These types of cleaners typically enclose something within a chamber for the purpose of ultrasonic cleaning.

    How do they work?

    Working alongside the cleaner, the cleaning fluid will be dispensed into a chamber and helps with the ultrasound cleaning process that use ultrasound frequencies. The use of special chemicals helps aid the ultrasound frequency cleaning process.

    Features and benefits:

    • Powerful removal of oils and greases

    • High concentrations available (also effective with lower amounts)

    • Cavitates easily to maximise the ultrasonic cleaning process

    • Non-flammable formulas available to improve safety in the workplace

    • Multiple surface contacts – For ferrous & non-ferrous metals, rubbers, glass and plastics

    • Non staining properties

    • Dilution can be used to make it more suitable for hot and cold use

    Where might I use the fluids?

    • Ultrasonic cleaning baths

    • Used for cleaning – Precision instruments, Communication equipment, Electrical contacts and switches

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