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    Social Distancing Floor Mats

    Social distancing floor mats and graphic stickers are affordable yet effective solutions for highlighting and maintaining safe social distancing measures in a wide range of public and professional environments. These safety mats and signs are designed to be eye-catching, with bright colours and contrasting black or white text and backgrounds to enhance their visibility.

    A variety of social distancing signs in various sizes and colours are available to suit your needs in meeting the highest health and safety measures, whilst providing clear and precise instructions for customers, employees or members of the public regarding social distancing.

    What types of social distancing signs are there?

    Floor signs or stickers are manufactured with permanent adhesive and are laminated with a matte, clear PVC film, providing anti-scuff and anti-slip properties. These highly durable vinyl floor graphics are self-adhesive, allowing them to be installed quickly and effectively in a range of environments where they will be able to withstand long-term use under heavy foot traffic.

    Floor mats are loose-laying, meaning they are not fixed to the floor with adhesives. This allows them to be adaptable to the environment and be positioned as required. These types of social distancing markers may be best used in temporary situations, such as pop-up situations that are not in a fixed or permanent location.

    Features and Benefits

    • Quickly inform customers, visitors and staff on social distancing measures operating on your premises
    • Eye catching floor graphics with clear visibility
    • Hardwearing and durable - ideal for extensive use


    Social distancing floor signs are a simple and effective way of highlighting and reinforcing social distance guidelines with employees and members of the public. Floor safety signs are commonly made from a durable and tough wearing slip resistant materials, providing a safe and secure way of providing instructions whilst maintaining health and safety regulations. They are suitable for use in a variety of environments, including:

    • Medical & healthcare
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Retail

    Why use floor signs?

    Floor signs are an excellent way of displaying specific mandatory signs that provide employees and members of the public with clear and precise instruction regarding PPE equipment or social distancing requirements. Safety floor signs allow you to install them in highly visible areas and help maintain health and safety regulations throughout.

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