Eye Wash

When it comes to eye injuries, it is important to act fast to prevent further damage to the eye. Emergency eye wash stations are commonly found in factories, warehouses, workshops, chemical plants, foundries, petrol stations, garages, laboratories, or other workplace where hazardous chemicals are used.

What are emergency eyewash kits used for?

Emergency eyewash kits are intended for use where eyes have come into contact with corrosive or hazardous substances. They work by flooding the affected area with water for as long as possible – more than a quick rinse. This flushes away the detrimental material and prevents more injury from occurring. People working on a task should be made aware of where the eyewash is in case of an emergency.

Types of emergency eyewash kits

Emergency eye wash stations can be found in variety of installation options including wall mounted, pedestal and portable designs. Portable eye wash kits can store eye washing solution safely for up to six months, after which they must be replaced to protect from infection.

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