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    Real Time Clocks

    What is a Real Time Clock?

    A Real Time Clock (RTC) is a computer clock which is usually in the form of an integrated circuit. They have been designed to keep track of time, in real time - hence the product name. A Real Time Clock is usually an integral part of the computer motherboard. More often than not, an RTC will also include a calendar and an alarm

    How do Real Time Clocks work?

    The memory on the clocks system stores system descriptions and set up values such as "Current Time Value". The information that is held in the RTC is read with a microprocessor, commonly over a serial interface which facilitates the performance of the software functions that are time dependant.

    Designed to run on ultra-low power consumption, RTCs often run on a lithium battery source but can also run on normal power. This power source allows them to continue running and generating real time when a system is down. The newer models of RTC use super-capacitors as a source of power that can be recharged and soldered to the board. Some Real Time Clocks feature synchronisation to an external signal, such as a compensated power line frequency. It allows the device to provide an accurate result without having an on-board temperature compensation scheme.

    RTC Time Values

    • Year
    • Month
    • Date
    • Hours
    • Minutes
    • Seconds
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