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    Chip Programmers & Debuggers

    RS offer a range of Chip programmers, adapters, debuggers and UV Erasers for all your programming, software configuration or erasing needs. Our equipment supports a broad range of chips including EPROMs, EEPROMs and flash, GALs and microcontrollers.

    Chip programmers

    Chip programmers, also known IC Programmers or device programmers are development tools that enable the programming of memory chips. Memory chips are devices that can store a program, data or both. There are two main types of programming tools, the first tool configures the target device directly with a socket on the programmer, the other tool can configure the device on a printed circuit board.

    Socket Configuration

    Simple and easy to use, socket programming tools enable the device to be inserted into a socket on the upper side of the programmer. The socket is typically a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) however if the device is not a DIP package plug-in adapter which converts the footprint to another socket is typically used.

    Direct Programming

    With direct programming, the programming tool is connected to the PCB either with a connector or a special cable. This method is often referred to as on-board programming or in-circuit programming. Device programmers are connected to a PC via a parallel port, USB port or LAN interface. Software programs on the PC transfer the data to the programmer then to the device where the programming process starts.

    Chip Debugging

    Chip debugging tools are used to support debugging operations. ICE (in-circuit emulation) hardware devices use an in-circuit emulator to debug the software in an embedded system. Emulators load programs into the embedded system. The programs are run and step through slowly identifying the issue. Alternatively, on-chip debugging or JTAG uses an additional debugging interface to live hardware.

    UV Erasers

    UV erasers are tools used to erase the data that is stored in EPROMs. The tools use strong controlled ultraviolet light exposure to cause ionization within the silicon oxide. This allows the stored charge on the floating gate to dissipate or erase.

    Chip Programming adapters

    Chip programming adapters are accessories used in conjunction with chip programmers. The adapters are used for prototyping and development. Adapters convert the IC package to allow the programming of other package types including PLCC, DIL and DIP