Mount Adaptors

Mount adaptors are used to safely secure relays in place, usually inside equipment racks or cabinets. They are designed to ensure a strong and durable installation. While some mount adaptors are made for use with different kinds and models of relays, others are custom made to be compatible with particular relays.

Types of mount adaptors

Mount adaptors use either screw connections or connection systems where you can easily plug the adaptor in the module, the enclosure or control cabinet. They're can be used anywhere you need to mount relays in a switch box or control cabinet and allow easy access to the relay for future service and re-cabling.

Mount adaptors come in different types including flange adapters, mounting boards, panel adapters, separating plates and rail adapters. They're made of materials such as plastic and metal to perform different functions.

What are mount adaptors used for?

Mount adaptors are used for relays in:

  • Conference centres
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • medical facilities
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Retail environments
  • Corporate offices
  • Airports
  • Meeting facilities
  • Theatres

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